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Updated December 8, 2020

We wanted to update you on recent steps we have taken in response to the continually evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have always maintained high standards when it comes to cleanliness and we go above and beyond state sanitary standards, this has been enhanced throughout our facility during this time. We want to ensure you we are being even more diligent to make sure our and facilities and employees are extra sanitized. Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our employees and patrons, we are following CDC and State guidelines.

To our special Wedding clients: this is a devastating time for you as you face the downsizing or postponement of your wedding due to the Coronavirus. Event professionals have seen a lot, but nothing that has disturbed the wedding and event industry like COVID-19. We have kept you all in our thoughts while we navigate the changing world, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility like none other!

We are currently NOT catering events in person. We are providing drop off services if you have an event where you have a need for food to serve yourselves.

When we return to being able to cater full service, due to COVID-19 and the safety of our employees and clients, we will have the following rules in place for off-premises events at our partnered venues.

  • We expect the venue to ensure capacity restrictions are not exceeded, 6’ between tables, facemasks are required, etc and we have met with each of our partnered venues to collaborate on our plans. Please make yourselves aware of all of your vendor's COVID19 Preparedness Plans.
  • Catering staff will wear masks, aprons, and gloves as necessary to protect themselves, guests, and the meal service.
  • Appetizer stations cannot be communal or passed amongst your guests by our staff; all apps must be dished as a grab and go style at a station by our staff. 
  • Dinner Salad and Bread can be on the buffet or served plated to seated guests or placed at each seat just prior to guest arrival.
  • Meal service will be executed by one of the following: a plated meal (increase in plate price) OR by our staff serving your guests from a buffet. We do require guests wear masks while attending the buffet to protect our staff, per state mandate. Sanitizer will also be available for guests to use. Tables need to be released by someone you designate in a slow pace to allow for one table at a time to go through the buffet, no lines, and social distancing opportunity provided.
  • Signage and communication should be provided by venues or clients for guests to maintain social distancing, wear masks, and other signs as recommended by the CDC.
  • Catering staff will not be able to be on the floor intermixed with guests except during a plated meal service where guests are seated and staff is approaching them from behind, providing the most opportunity for a predictable minimal interaction. Room set up will be completely done before guest arrival.
  • All dishes provided by us will be disposable including: water glasses, coffee cups, plates, and flatware to be quickly disposed of and not returned to the kitchenette nor our facility. (no china rental fee)
  • No water carafes will be at tables to be shared communally. Each guest will receive an iced water at their place setting, set out just prior to guest arrival. Additional bottled water can be purchased for guests if desired.
  • No coffee station will be set up. Rather, coffee will be poured into the cups and covered by catering staff in the kitchenette and then placed at a designated table for guests to grab and go.
  • Catering staff will still arrive to venue to set up the room with linen napkins (if ordered), plastic flatware, and an iced water cup at each guest seat. Some catering staff will depart immediately after serving the meals, guests must have access to trash cans to clear their own plates, however remaining catering staff will enter the floor after guests have dispersed away from tables to clean up any remaining garbage.
  • Per MNDH, CDC, and executive orders, we are not catering at private venues or private residences until further notice. We can provide you with a drop off meal instead, please inquire.

Of course we hope that we can work with you and give you our best service! Please be patient with us as we find the best practices and follow all of the rules and regulations being put into place, and also know that these policies will change frequently as the CDC, MNDH, and governor make future decisions based on the data. We know that no matter how your meal is served, the quality will be up to our highest standards and your guests will enjoy it. And your celebration will be most memorable!

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